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Steel Stair Handrail Designs and Installation

Steel stair handrail designs

Steel stair railings or stainless steel handrails can add real design and style to any home, stainless steel handrails and stair railings are ideal for use both inside the home and outside. Stainless steel handrails work really well in modern homes and will create a real minimalistic look and feel.

Stainless Steel stair and railings are both string and durable requiring little maintenance which makes them the preferred choice for many home owners. Stainless steel handrails used outside work well when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The first aspect of fitting and installing stainless steel handrails is to select a reputable company who you can discuss any requirements and ideas with. It is also really important to select a reputable company who use good quality products and offer good installation services and warranties.

Any stainless steel handrails or railings that you choose need to work well within any existing decor and it is important from the beginning to make the right choice. Taking your time to consider the various products and finishes is a must when deciding on the correct one.

There are so many choices and possibilities when it comes to stainless steel railing and staircases, it is important to take time to select the correct design. Glass panels work extremely well with stainless steel railings and will really enhance the look and feel of your home. There is also the option to replace existing wooden railings with stainless steel railings without the expense of a complete renovation.

Steel stair-building regulations

There are building regulations we must consider before we built a staircase. We must check the local regulations.

-- All the treads should have the same width and all the risers should have the same height

-- The minimum width of the tread should be 25cm, while the maximum height of the riser should be 18cm.

-- Stairs must not be steep.

-- The Steel stair width depends upon the size and the type of the building (for home stairs the suitable width is 100cm)

-- There must be a landing after a certain number of steps (usually 18 steps).

-- The minimum head height should be 220cm.

-- The handrails have a minimum height of 100cm with minimum space between the balusters 15cm.

Stainless Steel stair are also ideal of exterior environments and again it is important to choose a reputable company who will guide and help you design and plan. There are many factors to consider when installing exterior stainless steel handrails.

The grade of stainless steel to use, the diameter of the handrail and how high the balustrade should be, all of these factors are vitally important and a good reputable company will be able to advise you. It is also important that your handrails are suitable for exterior applications and it is important that the correct grade of stainless steel is selected for exterior environments

Stainless steel handrails and railings can really enhance the look and feel of your home especially if your staircase is a focal point of your home. There are many designs in which to choose from and the internet is a good place to start looking and gathering information.

Straight Steel stair are easy and not expensive to construct, but they require plenty of space.

That's why stairs with a landing (L-shaped or U-shaped stairs) are often preferred if there's enough space for them. Winder stairs are used when the space is not sufficient for the L stairs.

Steel stair are a functional and an aesthetic element of the home, as their shape and position define the circulation in the room. Additionally, their finish, their balustrade and handrails set the style of the interior. We use them to move from one level to another, to carry objects from one floor to another. We also use them as an emergency exit or a fire escape.

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